Purple Cauliflower Crusted Pizza

⠀High protein ┆ Low Carb ┆ Only 87 calories
Yield: ~6 slices

This spooky cauliflower crust pizza is the perfect healthy recipe for any Halloween party or anyone looking to be festive at home!
Below you’ll see I made two Nutrition facts for comparison. The first nutrition facts is my purple cauliflower crust recipe and the second Nutrition facts picture is of the crust of a regular slice using white bleached flour.

This recipe is easy to make and the crust is so flavorful.
I used purple cauliflower that I found in Whole Foods just to be festive for Halloween and to change things up a bit!

⋇ One small head of purple cauliflower

⋇ One egg white
⋇ One cup of shredded part skim mozzarella

⋇ ¼ cup of grated Pecorino-Romano cheese

⋇ One pinch of salt

1. Place the cauliflower in a food processor until it is uniform and you achieve a gritty consistency.
2. Place in a microwaveable dish, cover and cook for 5 minutes.
3. Remove from microwave and remove excess moisture from the cauliflower* this is a really important step as the dough will not crisp if there is too much moisture. You can use a cheesecloth or paper towel to absorb the moisture.
4. Pre-heat the oven to 425 ℉ and then place your pizza stone in the oven. (Skip this step if you don’t have a pizza stone.)
5. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until uniform.
6. On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, press down on the mixture to form a crust, about 1/4”-1/2” in diameter.
7. Bake crust for 15-20 minutes on 425 ℉ and then remove and add your toppings. Bake for an additional 12-15 minutes. Enjoy!!

Purple Cauliflower crust Recipe by Smart Eats
Nutrition Facts

Comparison of purple cauliflower crust (top) vs. white flour crust (bottom)

TWhite flour Crust nutrition facts

The calories in both crusts are very similar but major differences are seen in protein content for the cauliflower crust (7 g) and white flour crust (3 g). Also there is a major difference in carbohydrate content with 3.1 g per slice in cauliflower vs. 20 g in white flour slice. Nutritionally and aesthetically, the purple cauliflower crust is the clear winner here.

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