Personalized Meal Plan: A meal plan tailored to your dietary preferences and health goals, ensuring you enjoy delicious, balanced meals every day.

Affordable Ingredient Buying Guide: Guidance on where to find high-quality ingredients without breaking the bank, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

FREE Personal Training Session: A complimentary session with a professional trainer to kickstart your fitness journey or enhance your current routine.

Complimentary fitness class: Fitness class included in Attard or Zejtun! Get moving and have fun in a friendly setting! No matter your fitness level, you're welcome to go and enjoy a great workout.

6 Pack of Organic Juices: A box of six organic juices provided by our partners, GME Trading, to complement your diet with natural, nutrient-rich beverages.

Welcome Meeting & Consultations: An introductory session to get familiar with our services, understand your dietary needs, and set the foundation for your personalized meal plan. Receive personalized advice form our experts providing support throughout your journey.

Workout Examples to Meet Your Goal: Customized workout suggestions that align with your fitness objectives, whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve overall health.

Custom Nutrition Profile: A unique profile created to reflect your dietary needs, the number of calories your body burns and other useful metrics.

Chef-Crafted Recipes: Exclusive recipes created by our team, tailored to fit your meal plan and satisfy your taste buds.

Basic Calorie & Nutrient Count: Key information on the calorie and nutrient content of your meals, helping you understand and manage your dietary intake effectively.

Meal Prep Tips: Customized tips and strategies for preparing your meals efficiently.

Shoppping List: Comprehensive shopping lists that detail every ingredient you'll need, making grocery shopping a hassle-free experience.

E-Book: A valuable resource filled with advice, tips, and tricks to streamline your meal planning process and make healthy eating simpler and more enjoyable.

Simplified Mealtime Decisions: Our comprehensive approach takes the guesswork out of what to eat, providing structured meal plans and enabling you to focus more on enjoying your meals.

Large group of food, healthy food for a protein diet

Pro Plan - Monthly

€76.49 per month